I have a GE GSH25S side by side that stopped dispensing water but is still making ice. I've confirmed that I can get water out of the line at the bottom of the unit where the water line enters the freezer door, which would lead me to the conclusion that the water line could be frozen inside the door.

The last time it stopped working it was due to debris (a rock) plugging the line at the wall outlet.

I've tried to heat the area of the dispenser with a hair dryer without success. If I insert a piece of wire up the line from the bottom of the door it stops about three feet in. The wire when inserted down the line from the dispenser opening stops about three inches in. Could it be some debris plugging the line here, and if so how would I clear it?

Should this just be an open line from the bottom of the door to the dispenser? (In other words no switches or valves). Should I attempt air or water pressure from the dispenser opening down to the open line at the bottom of the door?

Thanks, Dan.