I have a 2 year old Sears Elite Gas Dryer, it has developed a smell in our clothes and especially towels, that smells like the exhaust of the dryer. It is really strong when the towels are re-wetted when drying off. The smell will stay on the skin.

I have cleaned the lint screen, fan, cabinet, burner tube, the vent going outside. There was very little lint in the unit. There is also no chemicals being used in the house or stored nearby, I have flushed out the water heater, and softener, changed the whole house water filter as well, we have city water. The fresh air intake is within 4' of the dryer and is clear. I have tried different heat and auto sensing settings, also manual timer settings, I tried air fluff after drying, but the odor remains.

I could smell the odor outside when the unit is running from the exhaust hood. The vent run is about 23' long, 9' straight up, 90 bend, horizontal for 9', a 90 turn and straight out 5'. It is rigid aluminum with foil tape at the joints.

I have done everything I could think of and Sears can't find anything wrong. What am I missing or what should I do?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.