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    Jan 22, 2006, 09:32 PM
    Fairly new Maytag side-by-side MSD2657HSE not cooling
    This is a 18month old side-by-side Maytag MSG2657HSE refrigerator. The freezer half works perfectly, but the refrigerator half has stopped cooling. Also just 2 days before this happened the following was noticied by my wife - During the day time she noticed that water was seeping out from the top edge of the water/ice dispenser cover. Which stopped after a couple of hours. We have cleaned the freezer section, where we found all the spilled water which had turned into thin layers of ice, there was ice around the back wall as well. Also the ice in the icemaker bucket had little bit of water and all the ice cubes had fused together.
    We emptied the icemaker container (bucket), emptied & cleaned the insides of both freezer and refrigerator sections and vaccumed under and behind the refrigerator keeping the condenser coils clean, and the back blower fan vent clean. We still continue to have this problem. Any suggestions / ideas to help resolve this would be appreciated.
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    Jan 26, 2006, 09:42 PM
    Since the compressor system cools the freezer and the freezer cools the fresh food side with a fan in the freezer that pushes freezer air into the other side, then when the freezer is OK and the fresh food side is warm, you have lost airflow to the fresh food side. That can be caused by several factors, including an evaporator fan motor that has died, an evaporator coil that has frosted completely over due to an inoperative defrost system, a condenser fan motor behind the unit not running, or even doors that don't seal allowing the ducts between the compartments to become occluded with frost or ice. All of these warrant investigation, starting with the fan in the back by the compressor. When the compressor is running, the evap and condenser fans should both be running, no exceptions. If not, you have found the problem. If those are OK, is the lower half of the rear freezer wall covered in frost? That signifies a defrost problem, usually the adaptive defrost control located in the control housing at the top of the fresh food section. There is a way to "force" a defrost to see if it works or not, and I will try to explain it if you need me to. Hope I have helped.
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    Nov 1, 2011, 06:36 PM
    I've just started fixing appliances about 4 months ago but I have a great teacher... If your freezer side is cooling and your refrigerator side is too warm, then you may want to check your defrost unit, it is located in your freezer section. After removing all of your cabinets you remove a couple screws to pull out the "back wall", where you will se aluminum coils frosted up, remove the defrost unit and perform a continuity test to see if it is functioning properly, then your next step is to check your bi metal thermostat, if the top looks like its "popped" out of place its obviously broken, the last step would be to check your Timer which is located on the refrigerated side usually above where you have your temperature controls "lever or switch numbered 1 to 9 i believe"... I'm not advertising but YouTube has some very useful how to videos you may want to check out =] hope I helped
    -Mayco Torres

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