I'm not sure if this is a Mac problem, a Leopard problem in Safari or a problem with my Netgear router DG834PN.

I recently added some security settings, simple ones like changing the default login password and the wireless password together with adding a Mac address for one laptop using 'Airport'.

On this machine (Intel-Mac G5 2 ghz) there are 2 user accounts, my user account cannot access the Netgear control panel, if I use my partners account it accesses fine.

Normal procedure is to type the IP address if you're still logged-in the control panel appears, if another user is logged-in a panel informs you that an administrator is already logged-in, if no-one is logged-in a login panel appears. In the case of my user account the Safari browser page just gets stuck as if it can't find the address but it doesn't actually say it can't find the address.

Any ideas ?

I have other issues with Leopard, like printer problems, want to talk about that ?