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    Jan 9, 2007, 05:56 AM
    Back up hardrive

    I've recently run into my HD completely crashing and after shelling out $300 bones to retrieve, change the HD and upgrade the OP system I'm wondering how to I back up everything from my hardrive?

    Should I get a jump drive and what size? Also what do I have to include in the backup other than the files I have.. is there like some essential stuff that has to included?
    Also in order to save contacts from entourage and ICal settings do I save it as a txt format or do I save the whole programme? Help :eek:
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    Jan 11, 2007, 09:10 AM
    Well, first let me say I'm sorry you've run into this problem. For future reference, one of the first major signals you're HD is "on its way out" is you'll receive the occasional 'write error' when you attempt to copy to your HD. If that starts happening, begin planning to buy a new HD and back up.

    I recommend you purchase an external drive (firewire or USB2 for fast data transfer 'cause most HDs today are 80 gigs minimum). This way, transfer all your data to the external, and simply disconnect to save the life of the drive. Plug it in each time you wish to upgrade. The size of this back up drive is up to you but you'd be best to get a drive 20 or 30% larger than your HD because archive files can build up. Especially if you save versions of any particular files (ie: if you're a graphic designer, you may wish to save each revision of a particular design). As far as copying. I know some mac users who plug in the back up drive and then simply drag all the contents of their entire HD onto the backup drive and then go do something else while it copies.

    As far as entourage - select the address book button (a list of your addresses should appear) and then select file --> export contacts. At this point, you can select to export to text delimited or a few other formats. I use Text 'cause it's easier to import to other softwares like Apple's Address Book or even Excel. Then, save that file to your back up drive. You may wish to save your Safari (or IE if you still use it) bookmarks while you're at it.
    ICal: you can save basically the same way as listed above.

    Finally, you may wish to copy your software preference files too (ie: Photoshop workspace settings, etc.). You can find preferences for software programs in your Home --> library folder. But remember, if you copy your entire HD, all of your preferences will copy too.

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