Does anyone use this, if so, I need help. I know that with window updates, you need to download all critical updates. I assumed the same to be true with this program.

Guys I normally use the computer in my office, that is maintained by a computer department. So I am learning the hard way. As you know, Dell gives you a free or should I say Norton gives a free 90 day trial.

With the problems I have been having, trying to get the spyware off, and I did take care of the DSO Exploit problem, so I think. I used the solution on the board, where you take spybot into the advance mode/settings. etc. Anyway, I still have the problem of getting into Google or Yahoo on the internet explorer browser. I can use my web page (Bellsouth) Google search engine, but that is it. When I type in on the explorer browser, it takes me to a web page,, really strange. With Google, I just get the refresh page, cannot find the server on dns server.

So last night I decided to download everything that was a new update from norton, except for subscription service. Based on the title, I didn't think this was important, please tell me otherwise. After I did this, I came up with 17 viruses, and the system was able to fix 6. It still did not fix the problem. I ran norton a few more times, and the same results.

Here is what I got:

123917.DLR Dialer.TIBS dialer found
Alchem.exe Adware.clickalch Adware found
Alchem.exe Adware.clickalch Adware found
Cdt bbi8016.exe Adware.Bargain Adware found
Msbb.exe.tobedele Adware Ncase same
Polall 1t.exe Adware Binet same
Polall 1t.exe Download. Adware same
Prelnstt.exe adware binet same
Prelnstt.exe adware binet same
Twaintec.dll adware binet
Twaintec.dll adware binet same

I also have spybot, search and destroy, as well as, ad aware by lavasoft. My firewall that I downloaded after all of this, the free personal home use.

Please let me know how I can delete these. That is if they are causing problems. For some reason, it does not delete. Also if the subscription (norton anti virus) is something more than just what it reads or I assume please let me know.

When you guys talk about registry problems and such, I am very na´ve. Please stay basic as you can.
"The way to be safe is never to be secure".

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