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    Apr 6, 2015, 03:23 AM
    Unknown bug,or parasite or I don't know what it is just help please
    For 3 months I have been afflicted by a bug or parasite that I can not always see. Some times it looks like a fiber or a string some times it looks like a black or brown speck. It does not leave a rash of any kind and only a few small red bites have shown up in different parts of my body. I've also seen worms under my skin about every 2 weeks or so. I have an appointment with a dermatologist set up for the 20th of this month. I've had my home tested for molds just in case it was a being caused by mild toxins or something like that I've also called for a pest control company to come out. I've changed the filter to my central air system I've upped cleaning and laundering everything I've put alert and bug resistant covers on all of our beds and pillows replaced curtains with easy to clean vynal shades instead installed a water purifier on my kitchen sink and my shower. I have no known allergies of any kind. I don't do drugs. Drink. Or take any medications other than Tylenol or ibuprofen. I've been using the same laundry soap for 10 years or so. Haven't changed soaps lotions creams .I don't wear make up ever . I don't use perfume or body spray either. I've also been using the same brand of tooth paste ,razors, cleaning products, mouth wash .I use dial antibacterial hand soap and that's all I've bought and used in my home for at least the last 3 years. Not changed dish soap I use regular dawn dish soap . I do not have any pets . Haven't done any remodeling . I have 3 children I've used the same brands of diapers wipes soaps and lotions for every one of them . Loves diapers. Parents choice unscented diaper wipes . Aveeno natural baby soaps and lotions. Only diaper cream I've ever used and needed is desatin or A&D ointment . I've lived in the same house for 2 and a half years . I replaced our couch one week ago. I've tried a whole home raid repellent for fleas ticks . I have laid glue traps as I mentioned this thing attacking is hard to see if it can be seen (some times it's not visible) I've tried bed bug killer . I have a hepa filter in my vacuum cleaner. I'm waiting for the hepa filter I had to special order for my houses central air system as it has a dehumidifier along with the system it requires a special filter as is. I've reduced clothing and clutter. Changed my diet just in case it's an internal parasite of some kind .so no sugars unless coconut sugar no oils butters except coconut oil gluten free low carb foods no bakers fLour. I've removed . I also started taking a women's daily vitamin a probiotic a garlic supplement and fish oils with omega 3s. I have an air purifier plug in that's always on. I am anemic. 2 years ago my Dr told me I tested Positive for type 2 Herpes simplex virus (yes the std) I've only ever had 3 outbreaks to my knowledge and do not take any medication for it. I do have 2 plantar warts on the bottom of my right foot that are resistant to treatments I've tried compound W band aids compound W liquid Wart remover .and Dr Scholls freeze away for warts.. the liquid compound W is the only thing that has shown any sign of working to kill and remove the warts but 3 weeks ago they seemed to stop responding to it and one of them has even grown larger since then. All of my symptoms include almost constant systemic itching on any part of my body. Mostly my hair and face my back and legs .I get a circling tingly feeling on my back left shoulder blade area feels like ants crawling in circles 3 or 4 times a day any where from a few seconds to an hour or 2 continually. Pin prick sting like feelings random open cuts or skin puncture marks. A dull deep pain in my lower back on the right side of my spine lasting some times only a few hours and some times all day . I am aware that all of this could also be signs of a problem with my body or my internal organs. Kidney failure or kidney disease can some time s cause sever itching or dermatitis. Gastrointestinal problems could also cause dermatitis. Except my children ,husband, and our room mate are also being affected by it as well. My husband has an increase of joint pains and body soreness.increase of imgrown hairs and skin break outs. He very rarely gets sick in the passed 5 weeks he has had a really bad stomach like virus . Spent 4 days with flu like symptoms and high body temps. My 3 year old poops 5 to 6 time a day unformed but not runny stools .his urine seems normal . On and off again fevers every few days or so. Throws up once or twice out of no where every couple of days or so .and is now hesitant to eat or he refuses meals almost entirely even snack foods only eating one full meal a day usually breakfast. He's tired more than usual and will take 2 naps a day some times and still sleep a full 6 to 8 hours a night. My 7 year old has complained of burning feelings in his skin on various parts of his body . He's also had problems with his stomach either excessive or he's constipated. No throwing up but also random spikes to his temperature only once or twice a week. My 3 month old baby girl has been constipated twice for up to 6 days one time and for the other time to where a suppository was given by her pediatrician. Her formula was changed a month in a half ago to Similac sensative we only use purified filtered warming water in her bottles. She was eating up to 8 ounces a feeding 3 to 5 hours apart her pediatrician told us to start putting cereal in her bottles (Gerber rice cereal for a supported sitter) half a formula scoop for a 5 ounce bottle she now eats 5 ounces every 4 hours or so. Her skin will redden and get rough or bumpy for no reason at all for some part of every day. Again I only use Aveeno baby products on her skin . I've stopped using the Aveeno baby lotion regular and exzema because they both male her skin flare up and agitate her. She's always rubbing at her eyes.she does not have cradle cap,thrush ,diaper rash , or any other typical baby issues . Rarely spits up. Has met all average milestones for her age. Her weight/height and general growth is in the 80 percentile for her age group according to her pediatrician and the wic dietician. All 3 of my children had a stool sample testing done for parasites that showed negative results. My husband is mixed race black and white I think it's 1/3 African American . Of our 3 children only the baby girl is biologically his. My 2 boys are both Caucasian with the same dad. All three kids and myself are pale or fair skinned two boys and myself have brownish hair .baby has red hair. Both boys take a Flintstone multivitamin for kids every single day and have been taking that since before all of this started. 7 year old has asthma uses a nebulizer as needed with albuterol. 3 year old has no previous known allergies illness sickness othere than typical flu and illness like that... I do not believe that this is scabies.. I've treated myself with nix lice shampoo 3 times from head to toe keeping it on for 8 hours each time with no positive results I've also sprayed nix lice spray for furniture and such things as that. I've seatched and sprayed for bed bugs. Again we also have bed and pillow protectors for every one in the house. Every member of our house hold has had a sinus like cold for 8 days now. Has not seemed to start getting better or worse. Sniffles cough raised body temp 3 year old has had a fever a couple of different times. Pediatrician said sinus cold it'll pass on. Its own . Keep hydrated alternate Tylenol and motrin in boys. I'm aware that this is very long and includes an exessive amount of detail. 3 months of this crap whatever it is has been nothing short of a pure and absolute hell. I've read and researched for hours upon hours upon hours. Spent hundreds of dollars on bed covers doing laundry more often thAn usual on vitamins supplements herbal teas (detox tea by yogi brand) new furniture bedding and bed covers and other things in my house hold I've gone as far as to replace my couches, my chairs rugs shower curtains bedding brand of toilet paper soaps for myself not the kids Aveeno baby wash does not seem to affect them either way . Cleaning products ,hole home insect repellent products plug ins etc. I could go on and on and on.but I already have now . So.. now I just need any and every bit of advice insight information help any one has to offer.. please. And thank you. . Lastly just to clarify before it gets brought up ,because yes I know how all of this sounds.. crazy.. in the beginning of all of this e months ago my husband thought I was having a mental break ,post partum , stress or anxiety issues etc. I went to 2 separate mental health care specialists/ psychologists call them what you will. I have never and still do not suffer from any notable mental illness' I am of "average mental health" I felt as if it would save me and Amy one else a lot of time getting that out of the way before hand . Again sorry for the excessive length and detail here. Thank you for your time and any and all help some one may be able to provide.
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    Apr 6, 2015, 03:46 AM
    That may be the most detailed background I've ever seen to ask this question without being rambling in the slightest. Paragraphs would be helpful.

    As to your question, the only insight that comes to mind immediately is to wonder if the herpes and HPV viruses or the combination of the two is causing some or all of these symptoms. Be sure to mention to the Dermatologist both the Plantar warts and the Herpes results.

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