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HarmonyAHead is the first-ever self awareness, nutrition, ecology and environment virtual exhibition. It is scheduled to make its
Worldwide debut Sep. 1st 2005, for a period of 4 months,
Till the 31st of December 2005, open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
The Internet HarmonyAhead exhibition, is expected to host companies from all over the world, which will exhibit the main aspects in self awareness and nutrition;
Body Mind Spirit Environment
Alternative Health Technologies / Environmentally friendly Product Choices /
Holistic Media / intuitive Arts / Retailers / Retreats / Spiritual Practices & Traditions /
Wholesales / Diet & Nutrition / Healing Arts & Alternative Health /
Personal Development / Products for Wellness / Ecology and Environment /
Schools, colleges, Study Programs / Spas & Wellness Centers /Anti-Aging /
Organizations, Societies, Associations.
HarmonyAHead forecast: the exhibition is expected to be visited by 0.5 million people from all over the world, mainly; professional Holistic Health products & device Manufacturers, Therapists and others.

This virtual exhibition is designed to look like a conventional exhibition, exhibitors present their goods, products & know how, communicate and relate with the exhibition visitors and even take part in conferences, seminars and discussions that are to be held during the exhibition. The exhibition’s innovative interface is user friendly thus enabling both visitors and exhibitors to actively participate in the exhibition, visit all booths, and enjoy the virtual exhibition as a realistic experience.

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Addi Amirav
Ahead Business Solutions Ltd.