Hello to Everyone..

I'm interested to pick up and share some good practices to help enjoy life more.

At the moment, things which I've found have helped are hot baths with about 3 table spoons of sea salt added, having a clean and tidy home, and sometimes if I really don't feel right I try and take comfort in superstitions like lighting a white candle or reading the bible and praying!

The troubles I've had can be triggered by small things which other people would just shrug off, but generally its either some relationship or difficult task at work, which then if I can't get my mind clear of disturbs my sleeping and then the tiredness makes it worse!

The worst it got was in 2004 when a sequence of events like this occurred and eventually after a few days of trying to live a normal life, I got taken by police from the middle of a road at 1pm in the afernoon, wearing no clothes and was made to stay in a mental institute for 3 weeks!

I was given a clean bill of health, but it shows the importance of finding peace of mind and being able to sleep properly.. I wonder if anyone else has had experiences similar to this, or what people in general do to keep themselves refreshed..

Best Wishes

William. (chained_to_the_wind)