I have much trouble falling asleep, I usually get to sleep around 2/3am and get up at 7am, and its not because I watch TV (Dont have TV anymore) or play computer too much, sometimes its homework but usually when Im just normally trying to sleep after a long day I cant, I go into a sort of half awake half asleep if I do, anyway, my best friend takes sleeping pills, so I discussed buying some for me with my mom but she refuses to get me any because she says every kind of pill or med hurts your body and that I don't need them, I really do need them though. So sometimes I use my friends sleeping pills, but the day before yesterday and yesterday I didn't have any and I was depressed and couldn't sleep and was getting ticked off so I found some cough medicine in my cabinet, codine, and it read CAUSES DROWNINESS, so I took 2 teaspoons, after awhile I fell alseep soundly, even though it gave me nightmares I fell asleep, but when I told my friend this she said that using cough med not intended on coughs was like using it for drugs and that it was bad, is she right? Should I contuine using cough med for sleeping aid or are there bad side effects? And Ive tried going to sleep earlier, reading before bed, drinking milk, counting sheep/cows, counting, a lot of things but I just can't sleep! Any advice on how to maybe to convince my mom in buying me some proper sleeping aid? Or something? Please, I really need my sleep, I have huge exams coming up, at the last 3 days of Jan. So Please, Thank you very much!