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    Nov 13, 2013, 11:09 AM
    ADD/ ADHD help
    I am 18 years old, born and raised in Canada. I am currently attending school in Philadelphia on an athletic scholarship for baseball.

    I have always had symptoms of ADD and ADHD when I was in grade school and high school. My parents and I would often talk about why I struggle to pay attention, sit still, get work done, etc. but we never went to get me tested because 1- the test centre was fairly far away, and 2- I thought everyone basically had the same problems as me.

    So here I am in my freshman year of university and I am struggling with these ADD/ ADHD symptoms. Whether it is zoning out for portions of, or full lectures, procrastinating on homework or chores, or forgetting simple tasks. I started telling my friends and teammates how I felt just in a casual conversation and they too said it sounds like I have ADD. So I went to my special education development centre on campus and he said he thinks I have severe ADD? Lol so there's no doubt in my mind that I have it (whether its "severe" or not is irrelevant haha)

    My parents know of all the meetings and what not I have scheduled and attended in regards to my ADD/ ADHD and said that once I go home for christmas break we will get me tested. (It is free in Canada, and way to expensive in Philly) They are unaware of what adderoll is.

    I have tried adderoll and it worked wonders for me in the classroom and just being proactive in general. I did a project on adderoll and have a lot of knowledge on the topic which means I am aware of the dangers, abuse rate, all that stuff. My baseball teams psychiatrist, and special education development professor both said I could benefit from adderoll and that it would "simply even the playing field" for me educationally.

    My mother is completely against any type of drug especially if it is an amphetamine so when I go to get tested and the doctor mentions adderoll (if I truly do have ADHD/ ADD) my parents are going to research it. I know 100% that they aren't going to allow me to get a prescription simply because of my mothers negative outlook on prescription drugs.

    So my question here is what else can the doctor do to help me educationally? Can I obtain and IEP and get more time on tests? (I ALWAYS end up running out of time and not answering questions that I know) Anything of that sort.

    Or could I look after all of this on my own. Go to the doctors, get tested, get the prescription, everything without my parents knowing about the adderoll part? My mother comes from a family of addicts, hence why she is so strongly against drugs, prescription or not.

    Also, is there something you advise me to do to influence her and educate her on the topic to change her view?

    Thanks! And sorry for the long question haha
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    Nov 13, 2013, 11:32 AM
    My niece was diagnosed with ADD and took Cylert (now discontinued). It was explained to us (and in my research I found this was true) that drugs like this work just the opposite on ADD/ADHD patients as they would on non-ADD/ADHD ones. In other words, if I, as a "normal" person, took such a drug, I would be flying high and totally manic, but when an ADD/ADHD patient takes the same drug, he calms down. And that's how it worked for my niece. She's in her late 20s now, is drug free, and has somewhat outgrown the problems and has found other ways to cope with those that remain.

    I think your best bet is to educate your mom (and dad too) on ADD/ADHD and the drugs that work best -- and why they do. Maybe she would agree to your taking Adderall on a six-month trial, and she will see what a difference there will be (and hopefully will finally be convinced).

    At 18, you are an adult and do not need your parents' permission any longer (although they apparently still support you financially). If the drug works well for you, why not use it to be the best you can be?

    Time goes by and the drug dosage may have to be increased in gradual increments -- and the drug even changed, but a responsible psychiatrist will be on top of things and in good contact with you, his patient.

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