Hey Everyone,
I am embarking on a 40 day juice fast for two reasons; to cure obsessive eating and weight loss. Research I have done indicates that following a juice fast can not only cause weight loss, but actually cure diseases and addictions! The problem is that I keep running into mental road blocks.
The first time I started was Sunday. Then I benged Monday night, but I got right back up the next morning and started it over. That time I lasted half way through the third day and then ate again tonight. The problem is that I didn't eat because I was feeling depraved or starving. In fact, I felt quite satisfied and energetic. Rather, I ate out of habit. I felt the need to eat because I have always been raised to "eat everything on your plate, and if you dont eat a lot or a certain amount then you're not healthy, and a healthy diet contains bread, dairy, and meat as well as other foods." I think it's the typical American diet struggle. Now, however, I am finding that quite the opposite is true, and although I know this, I still find it hard to alter my thinking on the subject especially in a moment of decision.
Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I might do to help with this or are doing a similar thing as well and have any personal experiences they would be willing to share? And is there anyone on here who is doing a juice fast who would be willing to talk each other through the process on here or just online?

Tomorrow is a new day and a new day 1... (Im so sick of day ones!).