I think I have Erectile Dysfunction and my wife thinks it's an arousal thing where I don't find her attractive anymore! Let me just say that that is BS because I love her so much and I still find her very sexy and attractive!!
Anyway too be more specific let me explain that I'm now 43 and my wife is 32. We have been together for about 4-1/2 years. During the first 2 years we were just dating a seeing each other about 4-5 times a week and making love almost every time we were together, understand between us we always had 3 grade school age children around us so we had to sneak off to the back bedroom while they playing or watching TV.
During this time there were no problems with me getting erect and staying erect. I pride myself in trying to stay hard as long as possible to satisfy her 3-5 times before I allowing myself to be satisfied.
Once she moved in with me, (2 years later), we continued as much as possible however we now have had 2 more children of our own and of course many times we get interrupted in the process. Since the last child was born 13 months ago I have noticed that I cannot get as hard and large as I use to or stay as erect as long. Since I still try to satisfy her 3-5 times before myself she expects this and gets upset if it doesn’t happen and then of course she starts with the "You're not attracted to me anymore!" or even to say "You must be doing it with someone else!"
Recently I had my primary care doctor prescribe me Viagra, now my wife feels that if I need something like that then I must not be attracted to her anymore since I need help getting aroused. However I don't have a problem getting erect it’s staying erect and getting it as large and hard as I use too!
I would really love to hear a woman’s side of this but I don't mind any males thoughts especially if they’ve experienced the same thing, thank’s!!