My wife of 11 years has recently brought up bringing in another male for a 3 way. She says it's a fantasy of hers and she is willing to do a 3 way with me and another girl. She says it's a one time thing, unless I want to do another 3 way with another girl. Our relationship has been great, we never had any questions of cheating or anything. We have 2 children together and are a normal happy family. She just says she always fantasized about having a 3 way. She says that it wouldn't be like cheating since I'd be there in the room the whole time. Any advice on going through with the plans? From what I've been reading, three ways seem to actually ruin a relationship. To be completely honest, we have been very secure in our love for each other. The funny thing is, recently with this topic coming up, this has all even spiced/heated up our current sex life.

Any comments or suggestions are welcomed!