I'm 31, My husband is 37. We are a typical american family with two children living in the suburbs. This past weeken my husband had a few friends fly in to visit from all over the US. Some that I've never met before. The first night they were in, somehow we ended up in a oral threesome. It was fun but I felt very weird because I was unsure if my husband wanted me to enjoy it or not?? He then looked at me and said, It's OK, have fun with it. So I did. I couldn't believe it. We have always been very open with our sexual fantasies, I just never thought that they would become reality. Then the second night, He asked me if I would sleep with his friend and let him watch. I've never me this friend before (same on as the night before) but I knew he was married with three children and they had a great life! Why would the two of them want to do this?? I can't figure it out? I did what he asked and it was incredible, but I really only did it because he really really wanted me to. I try to fulfill some of his fantasies and couldn't believe this one! I just don't understand what this means. I couldn't watch him or even want him to do something like that and his friend said the same thing. So why would my husband be OK and want this?? I know he loves me more than anyone would ever know, so I just don't get it? Any thoughts on this??