I really cabt go into the whole story but did you have have a moment in your life where you were just drawn to someone. Well I had that experience I was drawn to a straight woman and she was drawn to me. The connection we made was so strong that it was scarry because we only worked together and I barely new her. But one day we had lunch together hit it off and it was like something ignited in us. And even though I am attracted to women it was just something strange about this one in particular like to the point where we could feel on another emotions. I mean it was deep.we fell in love within like 2 weeks. But she kind of snapped out of it and the feeling was gone. Then she started the LEts be friends conversation mind you we have already been intimate with one another and shared some deep feelings with each other. However even though it was hard for me to let go so easily to her it seemed very easy after a while for her to stop feeling for me. Then one day she calls me upset to tell me that her and her new boyfriend got into a fight.

1 side of me wanted to be a friend but the other side was thinking damn like that was quick. How we go from can't breathe without oneanother to this and now I might not even hear from her for days. I just don't get it what happened? How can you go from a deep connection to completely nothing... :confused::confused: