My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 3 years now. He is out of the country, but I have always wondered... Whenever we have sex, he controls his orgasms. I guess he controls them.. The only way he will "let go" is when I give him oral sex and even with that he gets embarrassed and doesn't all the way. Is that weird? One time he told me that he doesn't want to because he cums a lot. I have never had the chance to see it :( I want to so bad! I would LOVE to see him climax. Our sex is great! I just want him to feel the maximum!! He also makes the excuse of "I don't want you to get pregnant!" Don't even say he is cheating on me because I KNOW he is not. That's no doubt in my mind. I just want to know why he would be embarrassed of finishing with me. It would actually be pleasing to me to see him climax. I have also asked him if he masturbates, and he denies it! It's really funny actually. I mean c'mon, even I masturbate. HAHA! He is 25. I am 21, my sex drive is a lot higher than his, but boy I love having sex with him. I just wish he would feel the best he can. Is it something I am doing wrong? Or maybe it's a fear he has? I also worry because someday I want to have kids :) I need his goodies to have a baby... He's really cute how he can be embarrassed about that, I mean jeez! I know every freckle of his body... I wonder if I can MAKE him... without him controlling it woo that would be awesome. Any suggestions or comments?