Okay well this is my first question on this site, so we'll see how this goes haha.

I'm a 21 male virgin. I'm not a loser or anything, I workout a decent amount to take care of myself and all, I am not doing it for religious reasons or holding out for marriage, it's just I haven't really been in the right situation I guess. Through high school (and now college) I moved twice so I didn't really have a girlfriend, or go to parties, or however normal people lose it. I have had a few chances to lose it to some easy girls (no offense to anyone) but I want it to be with the right girl. None of my friends are virgins and they are the typical dudes who lie and do whatever to get into girls pants (it works for some reason) but I won't stoop to that level because I actually care about girls who enter my life even if it isn't for long. I guess my question is am I weird or something? I get shy around girls if I don't know them, but after like a few days of knowing them I get very cool around them and open up. In the past a few girls asked if I was a virgin and I said yes, but I don't know if I should tell them I am or I'm not. I'm obviously confused and you probably think I'm a weirdo by now so I'm going to stop typing haha, if you could add anything I'd appreciate it a lot and thanks.