Well I've scoured the internet and I can't find help with my problem.
Basially I am 28 years old and find that I get too easily sexually aroused! I'm expecting all the following posts to say that I am lucky but it is actually a real problem.
I go swimming a lot now to get used to being around naked men which may seem weird but basically if I am naked in front of anybody I find that an instant turn-on. I stay in the showers with my shorts on with men showering around me and I can usually contain myself but feel a bit self-concious but when I take my shorts off I get aroused straight away and have to cover myslef quickly.
I'm not gay and don't find any attraction to other men at all. I don't care if I see naked men or if they see me but have a real complexity about being naked because I am very aware. I'm 28 and have sex 3 times now which may be the cause. I'm activelly dating so maybe having people (girls) seeing my body will help this so that I can eventually be naked in front of girls and not get aroused. Last time I had sex (many years ago!) I had sex a few times but then sat naked with the girl for a few hours where I was still naked and my erection didn't go away. Just having somebody see me naked is a real turn on whether it's a male or female.
If I type 'erecion problems' into Google I get results of people who can't get erections! I can't believe it. I'd love to be in the showers with other men and just not care. That would be my dream! How do you not get erections when people are looking at your naked body? It just happens.
I don't always feel sexually aroused either. Like if you get an erection in the morning it is not actually sexual, same as me. If I'm naked, even if no-one is around I get an erection.
Any idea? Will it stop?