Hi everyone. I need help with something that has been bugging me for years. I'm in a relationship with my boyfriend now for 5 years. For the first 4 years I was always finding porn on his computer which I got used to. But about 2 years ago I had found child porn on his computer. So I tried to do the right thing and told the cops for my children's sake. Anyway he went to court and he got away with it. So I'm trying to deal with that at the moment. Anyway every time I found porn I use to found gay porn. I confronted him about it and denies about being bi curious and goes off his tree about it.

When we would have sex he would do some odd things. What I'm about to say here might upset people but I need help from other people. We will be in the middle of having sex and he will want me to play with his anal which I do then he might c@% quite a bit on my chest which looks like c@% be he hasn't c@% fully yet. So he then licks up some and starts kissing me with it in his mouth. Does this mean he's gay?? I get a bit put off by it. Am I being paranoid? Please help! :confused: