A little background info: My husband and I have tried a few things to spice things up and to explore things sexually (together). We have 1 couple that we have tried things with together. This past weekend we got together, we were going to bed (each couple had separate beds), I attempted fore-play, but nothing happened, I cuddled, no response, then my husband turned his back on me - I really didn't think anything of it at the time. The wife of the other couple was talking, again not thinking anything. I asked my husband for night kisses, they were quick and he turned away again. Laying there, I started to get upset - thinking why am I being brushed off. I put on my glasses to go outside to use the bathroom when I glanced over to see that she was being pleasured by her husband orally and my husband was watching. Don't get me wrong - I don't see anything wrong with that, I would have loved to have watched myself. I just don't know why my husband didn't "invite" me to watch?
He shortly came out to see what was wrong, I explained I was hurt that he didn't invite me to watch with him. He said he thought I knew what was going on. I explained that I couldn't see over his shoulders and she was talking, carrying on a conversation - again, not thinking anything was going on. He apologized. Then when they were finished they came out, I was finished and went back inside only to have my husband holding me, kissing me, etc. Then I really got mad and went back outside. He came out and questioned me. I explained, I attempted foreplay and cuddled even kisses and got no response from him because he appeared to "brush me off", when they were finished, then he had time for me?? I still feel betrayed that I was not "included", when we have always done things together. Am I over-reacting, because I really feel hurt about not being involved.