I have been dating a guy for 2 years now and again... the feeling that may be gay has arose. He is the sweetest, hottest, sexiest most loving man that is AMAZING in the sack but some of his unspoken behaviors has led me to think he may be gay. He is a very handsome guy, very concerned about his looks, almost obsessive (has had eating disorders and body dismorphia in the past), loves fashion and knows his in that department, likes to be neat and tidy, clean, likes high end beauty products but doesn't sit in the mirror, and just recently overcame additctions and is sober. A lot of the following that I am about to described has happened in his days in which is was intoxicated (both alcohol and drugs) so I am not sure if that was the reason or just brought our the truth. In the past, during a game of truth or dare, with both men and women, he has asked the guys to get naked, ("because he thought that was funny). I found that odd. He mentioned in high school he kissed a guy on a dare. That it was all in fun and games. He seems to check out guys as they walk by or drive by and sometimes makes comments when looking through magazines about how good looking a man is. He says that too many people are jealous and that he can just accept and appreciate beauty. But he seems to do it more with a man than a woman. He mentioned that one drug dealer would always ask him to give him oral but he never did. He was arrested one weekend in SD visiting a old friend after a night of drinking they got into a fight and he locked himself in his friends bedroom to keep him away and that the cops took him from the bedroom... naked... which he said he probably was just in bed sleeping because he doesn't remember. I've seen him around a few of his friends ed up and they seem a little too friendly. I also remember when we first met, the style was 80's mod, tight jeans, etc and he would wear women's jeans. I always felt that he was hiding something from me and still to this day, he leaves the room to chat on the phone, I haven't really spent time with his family or friends. Now, I know I have messed around with women when I have been intoxicated but I am not gay, I just want to know if he is, and maybe he doesn't even know yet. More so, my first instinct when I met him was I knew I was in his life for a reason and I felt that that reason was to help him come out. That I didn't want to fall in love with him. Well I did and those initial feelings are coming back. I know he loves me and pleases me in bed (loves to give me oral) but I feel that with his upbringing (who his parents are - influential figures) I don't think, even if he figured it out, would ever come out. And maybe that's why he has addictions.
Please, any advice would be great, because I want to know am I making this up, losing my mind or should I trust my instincts (because for the most part are always right).

I have asked him before and he just said he wasn't gay. I can't commit because I can't deal with the fact that down the line, he just may be.

Please help.