Many people say the Lord doesn't have a since of humor I say if he didn't why would he do this...

1. As we get older we gain a little weight, on the Ladies the extra weight adds to their bust line and gives them even more to push up and out of their tight tops. Their rears also get bigger giving them more jiggle to their wiggle. All positive advantages. Now lets look at us Men, as we gain weight our one major asset doesn't get bigger if anything it looks smaller hehehehee.

2. Every spring the first few trips to the pool or lake puts us in this always uncomfortable position. When a Lady jumps in the ice cold spring waters her breasts swell and her nipples jump out shouting at all Men to look at them, agreed a very sexual sight. Now us Guys jump in the ice cold water our only asset shrinks and hides. How sexual is that hehehe.

Hope you enjoyed