I'm not gay, because I find women very attractive, but I've learned I don't see women as most men do. Most men seem obsessed with physical attractiveness. I like to see a pretty girl for sure, but I get more pleasure out of an emotional bonding than I think I would in a physical, sexual bonding. But I know I'm not gay, because I just have no interest in men at all. Now if I met the right woman, I would be willing to get physical if it were important to her, but it wouldn't be my personal priority. I would do it for her.

Are there any other guys like me at all? The female friends who know how I am tell me they feel safer with me than they would with other men, who seem to want sex, sex, sex.
But I sometimes feel weird when I hear other guys do their "locker room talk" about women's bodies, and I just don't get it.

Does any woman know a man like that? Are there any men like me out there?