I have been married for a year and the problem is that I think my husband doesn't love me. The only time when he kisses me or hugs me is when he wants to have sex. To make it worse, when we have sex it is all about him, receiving massages, oral sex and having his orgasm and it is never my turn!! The very few times when he gives me oral sex he is very rough and hurts me, I feel like he does it to get himself aroused and not to please me, anyway he never does it for enough time for me to because it's his turn. A few times I have tried to make him touch me once he has finished but I end up even more frustrated because he begins to touch me and then falls sleep or starts to watch TV and gets distracted. I think he is not even attracted to me because he can't stand to have sex with the lights on.

What can I do, I am desperate, I have talked to him about it and he changed but it lasted for about two weeks. I think he just doesn't care about me.