-We have been married for four years and I have a strong feeling that my husband could be gay... Here's Why 1. Early on in our relationship while pregnant with our first born I found a search topic stored on his computer called, "Gay Orgy bars," The person searching was looking for these bars in the town he lived in prior to meeting me and moving in with me (we met as roommates). I confronted him about it right away and his face turned bright red but he swore that it was not him he looked up that search but he blamed it on his ex-girlfriends friends. Well, I tried to believe him because I was pregnant and we had just gotten married and I was living the so called American Dream! But the cable bill came a few months later and he rented pornography without telling me while I was at work. I wouldn't even care that he was watching porn, but I still would like to know what kind of porn he was watching and why he lied about it, twice.
1. He is Not sexually interested unless I initiate sex. When we do have sex it's fast and quick and he is very selfish during sex, I also noticed he always has his eyes closed. When in the moment he has wanted to try anal sex with me, on more than one occasion.
2. Another thing that worries me is I have never seen him check out a girl nor does he comment about them. I often notice he talks about men a lot who have been nice to him or that he finds funny. He laughs and looks very excited anytime there is gay talk on TV. He is a good father to our two children but it is usually angry towards me and often verbally abusive and calls me stupid, he's admitted during fights that he is using me, hates me doesn't love me and just married me because I was pregnant. He sometimes apologizes for saying such things but then he has said those same things many, many times. No matter how good things are my husband is always miserable making me wonder even more that his underlying apologizes could be from living in the closet. I love him and this makes it even harder for me, I just want him to be happy? I talked to him recently about my feelings about the possibility of him being curious and I mentioned the search topic again, he got so ANGRY, but at the time he admitted while he was at a job for quite some time a man came on to him in the stockroom and touched him and another man at that same job asked him out on a date and he said no... He told me these stories support that he isn't gay otherwise he would have gone. My thought is why didn't he make it clear at his place of employment that he was straight if he is, and maybe those guys were feeling the vibes off him and that's why they felt comfortable enough to approach him and ask him out. It may be all lies... I just don't know, what do you think? I'm an attractive girl a good mother, I don't understand?