I have been married to my husband for less than a year. We never had the honeymoon period in our marriage and we never have sex anymore. Yesterday he was taking a shower and ask me before he went to the bathroom, did I mind if he masturbated. I didn't know what to say we never have sex and I was wondering why he would want to touch himself and not me? He came out all happy with himself and told me he masturbated to Anne Hathaway and a sex scene she was in. I am an obese 24 year old women. I have a really big problem with this as I came over from Ireland to live in America with him. I know no body and I put off my career to take care of our two year old child while he finished off his medical degree. I have not had sex in three weeks, the shower has more sex than me it seems! I need someone's help to sort this problem. Thanks to all that answer.