I liked this girl(now girlfriend) for over a year and she liked me too but I didn't want to ask her out because she was always partying, drinking, smoking weed, doing mushrooms and ecstasy and that's a big turn off for me. Sometimes I would try to make out with her or have sex with her she wouldn't do it and she would say no I can't do stuff like this with friends, I only do it with a boyfriend. So I asked her out one day we got into a relationship. We would do everything in bed but sex she wouldn't do it. After 3 weeks she told me she is a virgin. I really like this girl and I trust her but that is just unbelievable she's 22 years old and doing all these drugs and still a virgin anyway She decided to have sex. When we did it she didn't bleed or anything and she didn't even get nervous. The way she performs in bed is just more than experience girl. Should I believe that she never slept with anyone else?