Hey, hopefully someone can help me with this, and sorry for the long question.

Me and my boyfriend have ben dating now almost 3 months, (I'm 22 and he's 19) and everything's been going amazing, and I think I've found the guy I want to be with for the rest of my life, and he feels the same way.
My dilemma is, when it comes to sex, it's only me that takes it, and he's very reluctant for me to do it to him,

The situation started like this, we had ran out of condoms a while ago, and he asked if I still wanted to do it, we had done it without condoms before, but never like fully completed it lol if you know what I mean haha, but he wanted to do that, and I wasn't really sure as I didn't know what to expect from it and whatnot, but yeah, I'm the one who usually takes it, and there's been a couple time where I've tried on him, but lets just say, at the moment, he's still a bit too tight.

So, a couple a weeks ago, just before we were about to do it again, I asked when I was going to get a chance to actually do it to him, and he said he didn't know, and that honestly he didn't really want me to, so that was a blow to me, so I kind of got a bit upset, and said to him oh well, I guess then I'll never know what sex is like(cuz I've never actually done it to anyone before, he's my first), and then when I said to him "the only thing that hurts me right now, is the fact that I'd do anything for him" and I would, I even said then that if it meant me getting to do that(without the condom), then he could finish inside next time lol, so then he got really upset because he knew I was upset and me saying that really hurt him because he knew I was hurt. To which he said a little afterwards that no he'd do it, it wasn't fair for him to say no to me and that if it's for me, it'd be only for me that he'd do it, then I felt bad because I felt like I was presuring him to do it, but he said no, it was only fair.

Just before we were going to a couple days ago, I said to him if I didn't mind asking him 1 question, and I asked when is it that I'm going to be able to try, then he said I don't know, and that he had to shave first, but then I said to him that doesn't matter to me, but he said it did to him, but then I said or is that your way of getting out of doing it for a while, and he said maybe, so then he starting feeling bad again, and turned away, then I cudled him and told him not to feel bad, and then I had said, the only thing that's in the back of my mind is that it's probably never going to happen, he said it was on the back of his mind too.

Because, I would really do anything for him, and I have, and it's just this one thing, and he can't do it, and it hurts, like it sounds stupid that I'm upset over something like that, but it hurts they fact that he wouldn't be inclined to do something for me. Like I know he's liked me fingering him before and whatnot, but now I don't know how to approach it.

So with all that being said, I think he'll eventually let me do it to him, just not yet, so how do you think I should slowly get him into it, like should I ask to finger him and see where that goes, or ask him to do it to himself so I know how he'd like it?

I know it may sound bad, but I don't even feel like letting him do it to me, seeing as I can't to him, and to make the situation worse, he just got braces on, so now to add to the list of not being able to do something right yet, first being not doing it to him yet, and now he can't really give me a bj as the braces hurt his mouth just waiting for it to get used to it. So with that said, do you think he should be more inclined to let me have sex with him.

Thanks for any thoughts and sorry for the long message, just didn't want to leave anything out.