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    Jul 21, 2019, 01:12 AM
    Fantasizing about Teenagers
    Is there something wrong with me, to fantasize about underage teenagers? Like 14+

    Obviously I understand that it isn't right to do anything with them, but I do think about the act as a fantasy of mine. I don't think is something a lot of people do because the action or thought of even doing so is frowned upon generally speaking. It could simply be lust or something like that. Not that I'm very far away from the teenager age range myself, I'm only 22.

    However I know if I mentioned anything like this everyone I know would simply peg me as as being messed up in the head, why I never asked much about it to other people.
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    Jul 21, 2019, 06:18 AM
    Of course it's lust, and you do well to keep your fantasies to yourself whatever they may be, until you have experiences to replace those fantasies. Let me ask then have you had those experiences yet?
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    Jul 21, 2019, 07:28 AM
    No, not quite yet. I'm inexperienced when it comes to this.

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