I just want to know how possible it is for a gay guy to go straight because I have this friend who is actually my best friend and we both go way back from school and now we work together... we do practically everything together; work, party, gym, tennis, you name it, except sleep together. He has been claiming to be interested in me during those years we've been friends but its almost as if his gears changes time to time.. so like some times he shows his interest in me and other times it goes back to just being friends. This has gone on for years but I've always had my suspicions that he had this gay thing to him which he always denied when I asked him. I've seen the way he behaves with other gay guys and most of his guy friends are gay... he enjoys flirting with them and a few occasions I've seen him go back to his room with them even though he said that they just wanted to spend the night because they were tired. Right now he's started back on that same trend where he's really getting emotional and all about me and he wants to be with me. I am confused. I'm beginning to have these feelings for him that I never thought I would feel and I don't know what to do... he gets mad when he sees others guys interested in me and right now he's being very cold as a result of that... for a few weeks now we have not been as close as we've always been and hardly even communicating... what do you think?do you think he can change?