I'm 19 and my boyfriend is 18 we've known each other 3 years and only started dating 6 months ago. At first our sex life was incrediable he would get hard with me just touching his leg or us kissing passionatly.
But recently no matter what I do he doesn't seem to get hard, I'm lucky if it's once a night. We have sex sometimes and he goes limp in the middle of it. I try not let it bother me and do everything I can to turn him on like being naked as much as I can be around him or playing with him but even then he may get hard but it won't last longer than a few seconds.
I don't know weather I'm over reacting but it just feels like he isn't attracted to me anymore.
He tells me he is and he doesn't no how to explain it.
He's not stressed and he hasn't got anything on his mind so it has to be me, I'm not the thinnest girl alive I'm a size 12 and have put on 3 pound over christmas he knows how much I hate my body and always tells me he adores it but I don't know what else to do.
I no it sounds like a silly question but I love him so much and it's really tearing me up inside
Please someone help :(