Hi all, I'm feeling kind of embarrassed by writing this, but I'm doing it anyway. I'm a 24 yr old virgin. Just never found the right girl and also my social life isn't superb.
Recently I came in contact with a couple through a website asking and searching for one guy to build up a connection with. I've had some friendly mails with the girl and then after a couple of mails we started talking on messenger.

She was telling a bit about herself, and how she and her husband where looking for a guy to join in on the sex. She told she did it once before with the cousin of her husband for about 6 months. Then the cousin got a relationship with another women and they stopped.

Sooo I told her a bit about me. That I had 2 girlfriends and that I never done something like that with my exes. Of course I was lying... I never had sex :S. But I was just too ashamed I was still a virgin as a 24 yr old.

We had a nice conversation through messenger and she seems really nice. Also a big coincidence that she actually lives just 20 minutes away from my city. Now I just start to like her and we also exchanged pics. I just don't want to lie any more, especially when I get invited. Expecting me to have good sex while I'm actually a virgin...

I really want to go through with this, but what is the best thing to do at this point?
Should I just keep lying to her, or tell her the truth and have a big chance I get denied because I'm a virgin?

May seem like a weird story, but it's true. I hope you all can shed some light on this matter and give me advice.

Greetings, Jim