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    Oct 12, 2014, 05:52 PM
    I want a younger sibling?
    Maybe it's not the best place to ask about this kind of stuff, but I really don't know where (or who) else to go to.

    I'm 14 years old, female. I want a younger sibling, preferably a brother. I already have an older sister who's 16, but she doesn't really care for me. I feel lonely all the time, and I feel like I have no one who understands me. I have friends but I feel like I'm missing something. I need someone else to be a part of my life. I never got this kind of interaction with my sister, so I've always longed for someone I can play with and talk to.

    I noticed this problem a few months ago and I've been looking for solutions ever since. I tried making new friends, but I still felt lonely at home or when I was with my family. My family, by the way, isn't great. My sister is constantly getting into arguments with my parents and it makes the whole family look like a disaster. When we're all together, the mood is always tense and barely anyone talks. I've been thinking that having another sibling wouldn't only help me but my whole family….
    I've been thinking that an adopted kid would be better than my mother having another child. It was just an idea until these past few days, when I started thinking how great my life would become with another sibling, close to my age. My life would have another meaning, and I wouldn't be lonely.

    The thing is, I don't know how to ask my parents. They might think I'm crazy and say it's too complicated. Maybe that's true, but all I want is some company. I hate being alone all the time. I don't know what to do or how to tell my parents how I feel. I would appreciate any suggestions.
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    Oct 12, 2014, 06:13 PM
    You are asking your parents to adopt a brother so you won't be so lonely? What happens when you start inviting friends to come over and he bothers you? Little brothers can be annoying. My advice is for you to start having friends come over or you visit their house after school. At your age I babysat. Pretty soon, you'll be old enough to get a part time job if high school doesn't take up all of your time. Get involved in school activities. In no time at all, you'll be busy and not lonely.

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