I want to find my birth parents but am I out of luck if it's a private adoption in California in the 60's?

I am beyond dumb founded by some of these women who are angry due to their biological children seeking out them out!! I am going to try to remain composed. You say you don't want to be found and that is your "RIGHT". Well we as the given up were not given a choice. That choice was made for us and if you happen to be thinking about your child, you were gambling on a "better life" for your baby. I really don't think YOU have a clue what it's like to not know who your family is, what the medical history is etc. It was all taken away from the child. So please get over yourself and your almighty "oh you don't have a clue" if your not a biological mother.

Well try to imagine growing up wondering why wasn't I wanted? I don't care in the least what the circumstances were for the adoption. It really doesn't matter to a child. All they know is they were given away. Yes therapy can help, and yes maybe they had a better life (more often than not I'm sure) but the ache in the child's heart, a piece is missing, will never go away. Say what you will. Pain is pain!