My sister is a single mom with two children and a new born. She has a hard time raising the first two, and had her heart set on adopting the third one out to give him a better life. This is what she wanted even before the baby was born. My husband and I wanted to adopt him, because we have no children of our own and can willingly provide for him. However, she thought it would be much easier to adopt out the baby to someone outside the family. Therefore, we said we would support her either way. My sister searched and found the perfect family so she thought. Since his day he was born he until now he was with them, but she just cannot go through with it and face not seeing him ever again. Now my sister wants him back and a part of our family.
We told her she needs to make a decision and fast before it gets more complicated. That is when she asked us if we would reconsider on raising him. My husband and I thought it over and we both agreed on adopting him as our son where my sister and her kids can be apart of his life. This is what we all want, my question is how do I go about all this and will it cost us anything, if so around how much?