My daughter's Bio father and I split before I found out I was pregnant. While pregnant I met my now husband. He has been there for my daughter since the day she was born. Her Bio Father has seen her a total of 6 times (She is now 3 and he hasn't seen her in about 2 years). He pays court ordered child support and provides her with health insurance, but that is as far as it goes. He has never requested partial custody or even visitation. My husband would like to adopt her but her father will not give up his rights. He has the "what's mine is mine" thing going on, it is obvious that his reasons are not in the best interest of the child. Is there anything I can do to "force" him to give up his parental rights? If time and money were not an option is there ANYTHING that can be done?

I'm not sure if this matters, but when my daughter was 3 months old he threatened to kill me and take her. I went to court and got an order of protection which the judge continued for a year. When the year ended I did not renew it. Again, I am not sure if this matters, but thought it was worth mentioning.