Hi, my aunt and uncle are looking to do a private adoption they have found a person (someone they know) that is going to have a baby and wants to adopt this child out because of medical issues. My question is... my uncle is a convicted felon about 10 or more years ago. All I remember about what happened is that he tried robbing a convenient store and held a knife to the clerks throat (I know lovely right?) He and my aunt have been married for about 8 years and he has full custody of his 13 year old (happy and healthy who gets straight A's and no behavior issues) daughter and has had this since she was about 3 or 4. With a conviction that happened so long ago and having custody of his daughter for so long would he be able to adopt this child? I've read up on it and it says that even with a criminal background you still might be able to adopt.

He made mistakes and he has paid for them and I might add that he really is a wonderful man now and has been a fantastic uncle to my 3 sisters and I... he's been like a second father to me. I just would like to know if this would hinder their hopes of adopting this child or not.

Thanks so much in advance for your answers :)

Jenn in NY