I've always felt I'm not part of the family in some way but can never put my finger on it, I have a birth certificate (seen it) but there are other clues which points me in this adoption direction...

My name is now spelt differently to what is on the birth certificate, my mum and dad's choice, serveral occasions my parents forget the date of my birthday, there are no pictures of me as a young baby (the only ones are of me on my 1st birthday).

I have a member of my family who was adopted by my grandma that really belongs to my aunt but they are known as sisters as the adoptive person hasn't a clue she was adopted, my parents especially my mum says things like that should never be told to the adoptive child and they should believe who ever broguht them up is their real parents.

Nobody looks like me in my family, I don't have either of my parents looks when they were younger either... I am an only child also I don't connect with my parents.. never have had that loving connection as most families have.

Things just don't add up!! Can anyone help me or at least advice on what to do.