First off, I had the biological father's rights terminated last year because he had not seen my son since he was one years old and is now 11. My husband of 10 years wants to adopt and that is what we are doing, but I am having a hard time getting my attorney off her butt to get it going. I was wondering if there was some way, in the State of Mississippi, USA, if there were any way of doing the adoption process ourselves. My son's school has changed his information on all his stuff from his birthname to my husband's last name because the papers that the judge signed off on when we terminated stated that he could change his name. But I am under the impression that we have to adopt in order to change his birth certificate and SSN. And I need to get something done soon cause our son is going to junior high after the summer is over and I think they might give me a hard time about the last name that's on his birth certificate and what he goes by and is on all his school records. So... nevertheless, is there any way we can do this ourselves??