Over the past few weeks my slip has been frequently been showing below my dress in the office,for some unknown reason the problem does not seem to happen elsewhere, may be it's the constant standing, sitting,reaching up and bending which causes the waist band to slip down.Now as it is only the back that seems to show I am not aware of the problem until some one tells me and I try to re adjust the waist band as soon as I am aware of this.But one male co worker has taken to saying in a loud voice Charlies Dead again Sue, he even watches me pulling the elastic up through my dress when I try to put things back in order, I have tried a full slip so that it does not show but I find these uncomfortable and warm for the office. His remarks make me feel uncomfortable and embarrassed, should I report it or do as afriend says just look him in the face and say sorry if I am upsetting you,time to grow up. Advice please.