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    Jun 8, 2014, 04:14 PM
    What are the odds of passing EtG in 60 hours after drinking a pint of vodka?
    I drank a pint of 80 proof vodka between 2pm and 4pm on Friday. By 8:15pm I was blowing a .15 bac. I tested at 4pm Monday roughly 72 hours after my last drink. I know EtG is still produced till my bac reaches 0. I'm hoping me giving you a basic idea of what I was blowing 4 hours after my last drink gives you a base line at determining how quickly I was metabolizing the ethanol and when I could figure I had reached 0. I've been estimating around 64 hours once I tested. I don't know if it makes a difference but for about a month prior I had been drinking Apple cider vinegar with the intent of promoting healthier liver function. I've also read the half life of EtG is 2-3 hours is that only blood or also urine? What is your opinion on if I'll pass?
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    Jun 8, 2014, 04:17 PM
    There is no way to accurately determine whether you'll pass or fail, it's all guess work.

    Most experts say that it's 60-80 hours before you're clear. Some say it's more like 5 days. It really depends on you, how your body metabolizes alcohol, etc. etc.

    In other words, you'll either pass, or fail, but we can't even accurately guess which one it will be.

    What do you stand to lose if you fail? If you fail, will it be worth it?
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    Jun 9, 2014, 07:13 AM
    A pint of vodka is about 8 drinks. Here is a link to a previous thread.
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    Jun 11, 2014, 01:41 PM
    A common mistake that people make is they forget results and outcomes vary by individuals. One size doesn't fit all. While we can be encouraged by others passing, you have to be able to weigh the consequences of failure on your own possibilities, and decide if its worth it or not. If it comes to employment or freedom, why even take the chance of losing either?

    That's exactly why such questions are in the ADDICTIONS forum, because only one person can decide to be best prepared for drug/alcohol tests because it only affects one person,and that's you. So beware of the sense of false security, that getting by barely for a period brings you because it only takes one miscalculation to bring those consequences back to bite you.

    Consider yourself on borrowed time playing with fire. Just consider you are in this position in the first place because you either screwed up, or needed the job. Two compelling reason to make sure you pass, and not just play with fire and lose what you have or want.

    There is no honor being a functional, risk taking drunk, whose luck runs out. Or advising others to follow your example either because for damn sure you won't pay the consequences for them when their luck runs out. That's an example of poor orderly direction and not caring about the next guy, who is already freakin' out about his poor decisions.

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