My 13 year old step-son is hooked on this stuff bad. His much older cousin got him started smoking it and I'm very worried about him. There is some kind of chemical in this stuff that developing teenagers with out of control hormones do not need to smoke this stuff. If anyone has a way to get him to quit cause we've tried everything, and if there is a drug test I could give him once we get him off it to make sure he has quit. He's only 13 and I've battled alcohol, coke, and oxycodone and managed to beat them all with the help of suboxone. I know if we took him to rehab they would laugh at us when there are people spending hundreds a day on much harder drugs would need a bed first. We are lost and need help to get our son back that would ride dirt bikes from daylight to dark that has went to *****ing when he wakes up if he don't have a bowl to wake up to. Help us we really need it.