I don't exactly knoow in what field of medicine my problem lies but I think it is an addiction
I have a stupid habbit of rubbing a piece of cloth between my fingers. I know anyone reading this will think of me as stupid but I have no other option left but to ask for help in this manner cause no one believes me here.
I'm in lot of stress and it is blowing my career. I will try to explain my problem
I just rub any soft piece of cloth b/w my fingers. I have this habit for as long as I can remember. It causes me very strong drowsiness and sometimes I feel neausia. I have lost my confidence, and my focus. I used to understand each word of a para I read only once but now I have to read anything 3 or 4 times to understand what it says. I'm always very sleepy any I get a hard time to focus and remember things sometimes. I hardly have any friends because I feel as if I'm too much immature to make friends my age.
I'm married but my husband doesn't think it is any problem and I have failed to make him understand that I need help.
The worse is that I can't get rid of this habbit. I've tried every thing I could but I can't stop my fingers
Please help me. I'm really tired and fed up of it.