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    Nov 29, 2012, 09:00 PM
    Smoked 4 months ago will I pass hair test?
    I smoked 4 months ago and got about 3 buzz cuts in that period could I pass

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If I smoked pot like 5 times in the past 6 months... can I pass a hair follicle test? [ 2 Answers ]

Apparently these hair follicle drug tests go back six months and who can prepare for that? I've smoked pot about 5 times within the past 6 months each time was about 1-2 hits... can I past this hair follicle drug test? Last time I smoke was about three weeks ago...

I smoked one hit of marijuana 67 days ago. Will I pass hair follicle test? [ 8 Answers ]

I smoked weed 67 days ago, took one hit from a pinch hitter. Before that it had been over 6 months since I smoked very infrequent. I have to take a hair follicle test in the next week. I am 6'3 with dark hair. Keep my hair fairly short 1 guard on my clippers. Have cut my hair many times 5 times...

I smoked a hit of marijuna one week ago will I pass a hair follicle test? [ 1 Answers ]

I have never smoked before in my life, my boyfriend persuaded me to take one hit and we passed it back and forth, I'm not even sure I was doing it right and I didn't hold it in long and didn't feel any of its effects... today I took a hair follicle drug test for a new job.. do I have a chance or...

Hair follicle test: only smoked twice in last 6 months. [ 8 Answers ]

Hello all. I tried the green for the first time the end of December, then again in the end of March. Ironically I have my first hair follicle test soon. I'm african american, shoulder length hair. I've been using Toxins Wash and T-Gel. What are my chances of a negative reading? Thanks!

Will being around pot being smoked show up on hair falicole test? [ 5 Answers ]

I was just recently around a friend smoking marijuana but I did not smoke will it show up in a hair drug test?

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