Like an idiot I got drunk and did 2 lines of coke on March 20th. My test will likely be the first week of June and that puts me close to the 90 day comfort zone I could really use. I've read the other posts on here, and know one or two people that frequently responded would say I am safe, because its not for single use detection. Many others reply confidently that people in situations similar to mine are 100% screwed and will fail for a single line if it hasn't been 90 days or more since then. I don't know what determines the stance either side has on the outcome of hair testing, so I'm curious if anyone has personal experience passing or failing a hair test after using any amount of coke, at any frequency inside 90 days of being tested. I may be able to delay mine if I had to but it will look super suspicious... don't want to risk that if its not needed. If 10 people replied saying they failed for single use I'd do it I guess just looking for personal experience to make my decision since peoples professional opinion or opinions based on what they've read or been told seen to differ. Thanks especially to anyone that has failed and is willing to talk about it to help a stranger.