I am being testing for probation and have recently found that all of my tests have been negative, although I knew that I had been drinking. My most recent test came back positive and I had drank the day before. At first I thought they were not using ETG but something less conclusive. Today I am being tested and my last drink was about 44 hours ago. I had about 6-7 glasses of wine. My PO seems to think that I metabolize alcohol quickly since I have been negative in the past. (I was honest with her about my drinking). Is it possible that I may pass today? I just want to be prepared. P.S. I am looking into treatment for my problem, as I know that I need help. I am female, 5"4 107 lbs. I don't drink a lot of water, nor do I eat much, but I so take B complex twice a day, if this help. Thanks for your response.