Hello, right off the bat I'm going to say that I am not a habitual smoker and that I will never again even be in the presence of illegal substances after what has happened to me. I thought I could try smoking for a couple weeks (never did it before) and I'm learning the hard way how drugs can ruin your life.

Long story short, I had a period of two weeks in which I smoked with friends about 5-10 days total, of those two weeks (get high 1 time a day when I did smoke).

I found out I have a hair test for internship that I need to take some time between now (march 14th, 2015) and early May. I am going to push it back as long as possible. If the absolute last day I smoked was December 27th, 2014 how long do I need to make sure I'm in the clear?

I plan of giving myself a test anonymously on the 100th day as Ive read that the test traces average out to about 90 days of history. Any help or tips are greatly appreciated.