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    Mar 8, 2013, 04:28 PM
    Longest time EtG can detect ethanol after five days of heavy drinking
    Ok so I went on vacation for five days started drinking on Friday around 4pm till Tuesday around 8pm. I did sleep about seven hours in between everyday by the way. I drank a lot of alcohol mostly captain and coke and some shots. I have a egt test Tuesday at 3pm one week after I stopped drinking. Will I still fail? Or is this enough time for me to pass? This is my final test and I have been just drinking on Friday and Saturdays and then going on Fridays to my class. And they never tested me. But I assumed if they did I was well pass the 80 hours. So now I'm wondering if five days of heavy drinking and a week of being clean with exercise an hour a day and a healthy amount of water will be enough to pass this test.

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