Hey! Thanks in advance for any opinions provided. Here's my situation... I wasn't looking for a new job but a ridiculous opportunity found me to my surprise. The next surprise was needing to submit a drug test via hair follicle instead of urine.

I've smoked pot three times in the last 90 days. Once on August 28 (so roughly 50-60 days ago) and twice (two days apart) mid-September (right about 30 days ago). None of the times was with quality stuff; I didn't even feel anything from the September dates. I've been reading many forums and scholarly articles... I'm likely to pass; however, I'm just as likely to fail.

Anyone have any insight? I know all I can do now is wait, but in the meantime, I'd like to know what you guys think. They took my hair Tuesday morning and now I wait, in agony.